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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 8, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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appears to be the motto of one of obama supporter in ohio. watch this. >> yes, i voted twice. >> richardson said she mailed in an absentee ballot, but fielder it would arrive too late to be counted. >> i certainly wanted my street count, so i voted. i voted at the polls. >> sean: voted twice. she admits to voting twice on her own behalf. the story does not end there. richardson also says that she mailed in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter despite the fact that her granddaughter voted in person on election day. now sadly i'm just getting started. three other absentee ballots reportedly came from richardson's home. they all contained similar handwritings, but let not your heart be troubled, there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this madness. watch. >> joseph jones is my brother. he's here from time to time. i'm mon says' power of attorney.
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i voted for her in her absence. >> so were these all legal votes in your mind? >> absolutely legal votes. absolutely. >> now, the worst part about all of this, she's reportedly been a poll worker since 1988. i wonder how many times that she voted for michael dukakis? a lot of you are writing me right now about dr. carson, an amazing man, amazing speech that he gave. i put it up on my website. fox assassination has it up there as well.,, it's worth watching. we'll have him back on next week. thank you for being with >> a fired lapd recover is still
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on the loose and he says he will kill again. a dangerous winter storm is slamming millions on the east coast. how bad is it and who is next isn't impact is giant. we have live team fox coverage. 50 million people in the path what have could be a record-setting blizzard. but first, the intense and terrifying manhunt for a cop, accused in a killer spree. we go live to lapd headquarters for the latest. >> reporter: hi, gret a. irvine police department is releasing what they are calling the most recent images of chris dorner in the event that someone might recognize him. police say they were taken from a surveillance video, inside a hotel elevator on january 28, before the first shot was fired. but law enforcement is hoping you might be able to help because he could be anywhere. today, police executed a search warrant on dorner's mother's home in a suburb of los angeles. this, they say, was his last
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known residence. his mother and sister were home at the time. cops say they are and have been cooperating. now, in terms of evidence, they took a laptop, as well as several other items. law enforcement in las vegas are also preparing for the possibility that dorner is in their vicinity. police searched their homes and officers are patrolling in pairs as a precaution. this is the overnight portion near big bear lake, in the mountains east of los angeles has been suspended until morning. snow conditions have grounded the air search. but the snow cat and armored personnel remain. all of this as we are learning more about dorner's past. according to court documents in 2006, he filed for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend because she went to a web site called don't and put his police badge on there and said he was paranoid and disturbed.
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>> thank you. christopher dorner is the most hunted and feared man in the nation, accused of three cold-blooded murders, including a police officer. but his college football coach says that's not the christopher dorner he knew. good evening, sir. >> how are you? >> very well. tell me, when did you meet him? and under what circumstances? and what did you think of him then? >> i met him as a coach at southern utah university in 1999-2000. and in those two years are not fitting -- it's ludicrous to think that he has gone to this level of violence and anger. but he was a good kid. he never heard anything negative. he stayed out of trouble. he had good grades. we talked quite often while i was there. there was nothing to speculate that he valid this kind of
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issue. in the manifesto that he has published, he has had chilling words, he talks about honor, courage and commitment are traits imbedded in his dna. was he that type of serious thinking person or hung up on integrity and -- did he discuss those things back then? >> he definitely was. i had an interview earlier and i talked about his alitical-minded kid at the time. yes, he was serious. so those things in his manifesto fit the characteristics of who he was in college. but, you know, i was just completely dumb founded and at a loss when i found out this was chris dorner. this was not the person anybody that knew him back then, his teammates back then. i was his friend until whatever point, that wasn't the young man i knew itch when is the last
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time you heard from him? >> i was talking to some of your affiliates earlier and said last time, you know the timeline's off, but the last time he called was hovering around 2007-2008. he would call just to check in and say hello, you know, because i obviously went on to different universities to coach college football. he would keep in touch. last i heard, he had called when i lived in ohio and he was a navy reservist. he talked about college, being in the military. but when he told me about being a police officer -- which i don't know if he was already in the process or had been hired or not. but he talked about t. obviously, he became a police officer -- so it was about that time. >> coach, thank you very much. thank you for joining us. and from college graduate to a navy reservist to a police officer and now to a wanted man. for a closer look at christopher
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dorner's downward spiral, we have a reporter here. tell me, what can you tell me about his life after he left college? >> reporter: after he left college, we know he enlisted in the navy in 2002. what we are learning is that, you know, when he was in the police acted, he was having some issues... not that he was having typical issues or requirements at the academy. but he was complaining about his fellow recruits. apparently, there were some racial comments and he didn't like how officials dealt with those issues. and talking to a college buddy, i asked if racism was an issue in his life at all. he brought that up while he was in o'clock. he said that, yeah, he did talk about it. no red flags to say, you know, to point to this. >> all right. when he felt wronged a few years ago, but what led to him being fired is that he made an
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accusation against a fellow officer about how the fellow officer conducted an arrest. he had a hearing and he felt he was wrongfully accused of lying in that hearing. is that right? >> yes. so again, you know, there are many times he has made claims about -- he was complaining about fellow officers and in this particular case, it was a training officer. again, he was not happy with the way the officials dealt with the issues. he felt they were racially... referred. we are seeing that in his manifesto. >> do you know what he's been doing in the six months prior to the first set of homicides last sunday -- do you know when he has been doing with himself? >> we don't know that right now. i know my colleagues and certainly everybody has been watching are wondering, you know, what happened? what has triggered all of this? because that incident that is at the root of all of this is fwh
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2008. i can't speak to that right now. >> any idea how he is supporting himself since 2008 until now? >> again, not sure what he has been doing since being let go. we do know he was officially let go with the navy, earlier this month on february 1. >> he doesn't have -- doesn't appear he has any friends left at lapd. it sounds like when he left, he was the odd man out. is that right? >> yeah. that's what it seems to be. again, we have been reaching out to some of the friends he listed in his manifesto. i did peek to one, but that was from his college days when he played football in utah. you know, again he only was able to speak about dorner before the navy and before police. >> thank you very much. police focusing their manhunt in
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big bear since finding dorner's burned-out truck there. have they found any clues? we have a reporter from big bear. doug, any clue ass to whether or not he's even in that area? they found his burned-out truck, but any sign of him there? >> reporter: there are noneful there are no signs that he is even on the mountain. >> anyone see him burn the car? or did they just discover the car? >> reporter: they discovered the car burning. had they discovered it, they obviously went out and handled that situation. from there, they found foot tracks, leading away from the vehicle that ended nowhere. >> it's being reported tonight that the san san bernardino countedy sheriffs office that his mother owns undeveloped land there, 6 miles from big bear lake. i assume they have checked that by now? >> reporter: actually, they checked that yesterday before
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the winter storm rolled in. and they used their thermal imaging to see if there were any bunkers. there were no bunkers. there is no buildings whatsoever. >> are they going -- what tonight? door to door? from cabin to cabin to make sure he's not holding people hostage in a cabin? >> reporter: correct. that's what they have been doing the last -- the last two days. they have been going door to door, they have been searching the mountain. they have had s.w.a.t. teams up on the mountain. they have had fbi tactical teams up there. and thothis date, there is no sign of him. >> he could be just about anywhere. he could be there or even, you know, back in l.a. or in irvine, or on his way to mexico, anywhere. nobody knows. doug, thanks. >> reporter: thank you. >> all right. this is obviously a very dangerous situation. we are going to continue to monitor throughout the hour. as soon as any news breaks, we will go back to california and get that you breaking news.
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this is a fox weather alert. right now, wild blizzard battering the northeast. heavy snow and strong winds from new jersey to maine. the storm is paralyzing transportation across the nation. we have live coverage from the hardest-hit areas. but we start first with meteorologist rick in the fox extreme weather center. >> the two storms we have been watching, talking about the two storms that are going to combine. that process heads happened. so the strengthening is going on right now. an incredible snowfall rates. the dark blue band right there produced over 5 inches of snow in just an hour. you get those snowfall rates and that's extreme. you canee it from central long island, through connecticut and headed back -- hooked up into the portsmouth, new hampshire area. a big band of heavy snow and along with that, the incredible, very heavy winds already. we have seen winds gusting over
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71 miles per hour across the cape. take a look at what happens with the radar here, the future radarks over the next number of hours. temperatures continue to fall. the snow remains heavy in new york city, throughout connecticut. it begins to taper off at 5:00 a.m. in new york city and upstate new york. and it continues here until the afternoon tomorrow in boston. but the temps drop for everybody. so that means it's going to be frozen all the way into tomorrow night, we are going to be seeing the roads frozen. take a electric at the winds. we have been up toward the 54 miles per hour. range. that's going to remain the next 6 to 7 hours. that means we will continue to see storm surge and a lot of coastal flooding. areas impacted by sandy, partially, but the coastal flooding will be much worse in maine and massachusetts with waves 20 feet and a storm surge, coinciding with a new moon tide
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and we will see a lot of damage with it. >> thank you. we'll check back in with you later. to boston, where they are bracing for several feet of snow. molly line is live in boston. molly, you have the snow and the 54-mile-per-hour wind that rick just talked about? >> reporter: absolutely brutal, greta. it's like you cued the wind. it just came up even heavier. the wind and the snow's been coming down much harder in the recent hours. the governor earlier issued an executive order, banning all non-essential traffic from the highway. this is the highway. we saw a plow go by. they are allowed to be here, the first responders, the firefighters, the people involved in medical care that need to get here for other hospitals. those are the essential folks. but everybody else should stay home and stay put. that's the order from the government and the mayor today. they have called in the national guard here in the state to be ready to help out. they have utility crews waiting in hotel rooms across the state
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to get the lights turned back on tomorrow. right now, the numbers are about 40,000 people without power. a lot of those folks are on the south shore, south of the city of boston, on cape cod, that's where the snow has been heavier and damper. it's been more likely to bring them the trees and the power lines. but it's a long night ahead. the snow's expected to intensify and to continue overnight. up to 3 feet, is what we could be seeing here. that's why they say this could be a history-making storm. >> thank you. that wind, 54 miles per hour, that's fast and losing power in that cold temperature is going to be brutal for so many people. jamie kol bee is live in midtown, manhattan. >> reporter: greta, you know, it's virtually impossible to get where you want to go today, tonight, even tomorrow, no matter how you plan on traveling. so authorities are asking folks to stay home. they want to you take the storm seriously. fox news can report at least two
10:16 pm
deaths due to storm-related injuries. both car pileup, one, a man lost control of his car and went into a tree. another, another car that lost control killed someone that was crossing the street, a pedestrian. and also, at the area airports, what a mess. they are close to shutdown with 4- to 5,000 flights cancelled through sunday. already, we are seeing many passengers who tried to outsmart the system and went from one airport to another airport, trying to hop a flight and they were left stranded, at least for now. many airlines waving the fees to change flights or if your flight gets cancelled, trying to cut travelers a break. but airlines will be stuck paying the fines for keeping folks aboard flights that planned to take off and didn't for too long. also, i want to tell you about the roads. in rhode island, parts of i-95 are completely shut down. there is the car ban in
10:17 pm
massachusetts. if it is not essential travel. authorities want the streets clear to keep all of us safe, but to be able to plow, as they are behind me at this hour. they are continuing to do that. the bottom line is, take it seriously, stay home if you can. if you don't have what you thought you needed, it's too late. greta? >> jamie, thank you. it is going to be a very long night for millions and millions of people, as a dangerous storm pummels the north east. more live coverage throughout the hour. and we're continuing to follow breaking news in california. the manhunt for the fired cop, accused of gunning down three people, including a police officer. he says he will kill again. we have another live update coming up. and while -- well, she's back. the teen who flipped the bird at the judge is back in court. what disclosure do? and how did the judge react? that's next. my bad. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really?
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>> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. [bleep] >> come back again. come back again. bring her back again. >> what's up? >> i believe i heard you saying -- >> yes, i did. >> did you say [bleep]? >> actually i did. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did. >> oh, you did say that? >> yes. >> i find you in direct criminal contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> greta: who could forget that? she flipped him the bird, and the judge sentenced her tie 30-day jail sense. take a look how it went for penelope soto this time. >> my behavior was very
10:23 pm
irrational. i apologize not only to the court, and to you, but to my family. >> don't cry. i will vacate the judgment of contempt, and set aside counsel for the remainder will your county jail time. >> thank you, your honor. >> thank you. >> good luck to you, ms. soto. >> greta: was the judge right to release the teen from jail? joining us our legal panel, bernie grimm and ted williams. bernie, this was a different penelope soto today. >> i liked the first penelope. you have to respect the court, but be yourself. not to mention, judge, there's a thing called the first amendment. for me that's something i've wanted to say to a judge for 27 years. i'm rooting for penelope. in fact, ted and i took a
10:24 pm
collection together, we were going to pay her fine. i was going pay the fine, ted was going to do the 30 days in jail. i love the woman. the whole thing went viral. you can see what happens when she gets a lawyer, comes in and reserved. of course it's not penelope talking. it's some guy in a suit. >> greta, i went home and read greta wired tonight, and every one of your fans -- >> greta: they're not all fans. have you seen some of the things they say about me? >> -- they rated us. guess what. i agree with them. they were right. i was not in on the bet with grimm. this woman needs to learn to respect the court. i'm happy with what happened to her. i hope she now learns a lesson. as one of your people, josh mccarroll said, maybe she'll become a lawyer some day. >> greta: jim, now that ted has changed his opinion based on comments on the internet -- h@>> like a hot pancake. >> yeah. >> listen, if bernie really
10:25 pm
believes what he said, he should have the courage of his convictions, to try to walk into court and say the same words. profile bring his toothbrush, because he'll be in jail for a while. this judge is one of my new heroes. she's the luckiest young women in america today. he called it right, sentencing her to jail for 30 days. i don't believe the xanax thing, she's a punk, a jerk, and got lucky. >> greta: i didn't like the idea of 30 days, because i didn't think the public should have to pay for her. this judge scared her, gave her a taste of her obnoxious medicine, let her go after five days. >> oh, my god. jim, we haven't see you in years, you come back and you call an 18-year-old woman a punk. >> and a jerk.
10:26 pm
>> oh, my god, jim, please. >> well, i have to agree with him. is it hammer time? i agree with you. >> greta: what about the jerk? >> bernie's always been a jerk. i do agree this judge did the right and proper thing. all you great people on greta wire, i'd love to hear what y'all got to say about this. >> greta: i can't believe how wimpy you are, you get a couple of comments on the internet and all of a sudden you change your opinion. >> greta wire also said, ted, can you wear a pink tie? >> hold on. your fans are always right, greta. >> we should give her credit, because i called her a punk and jerk. don't forget the jerk part. i forget in the power of confession as a good catholic, i have to. the fact she stood up, i'm sure her lawyer persuaded her to, give her a few points for that, but it's not the xanax's fault.
10:27 pm
>> greta: what do you bloggers think? do you agree with the judge? would you let the teen out of the jail or not. go-tgo to and tell us. plus the latest on the manhunt in california. that's next. a blizzard now battering the northeast. the storm paralyzing transportation across the country. even if you are not in the storm track, we'll feel this one. the boat ramp. make sure you've got your partner behind to watch. kevin: there it is! (crunch!) ♪music announcer: gear up for the season with big savings at bass pro shops. like 40% off redhead big horn waterproof boots.
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>> >> greta: this is a fox news alert. fear is gripping communities across california. the fired lapd officer accused in three murders still on the loose, armed and dangerous, and looking to kill again. let's go back live to fox news correspondent alicia acuna at lapd headquarters. alicia? >> hi, greta. the lapd remains on alert, all hands on deck. this all started on sunday night. two people shot and killed in a condo parking garage in irvine, california. the next day, police find an online manifesto written by former l.a. cop, christopher dorner, linking him to the victims in irvine. in that manifesto, he declares war on the lapd for firing him in 2008. dorner is quickly named a suspect, and the hunt is on. fast-forward to the wee hours of
10:32 pm
yesterday morning. dorner allegedly opens fire on police officers in corona and riverside, california, killing one and critically injuring another. police put out on the word to be on the lookout for a blue or gray nissan pickup truck, the model of car dorner was known to be driving. late thursday morning came word of a burned-out truck in big bear, california. it's dorner's car. the massive manhunt moves to the mountains of big bear, on foot and by air. schools in the ski resort shut down as dozens of police combed the wooded area for any sign of dorner. several hours of snow made conditions difficult and grounded the air search. now today u.s. marshals and the irvin police department executed a search warrant at the house of dorner's mother. they say it's his last known residence. police questioned dorner's mom and sister and removed several bags of evidence, including a laptop computer. and the manhunt, while focused on big bear, has now spread to
10:33 pm
arizona, nevada, and all over california. greta? >> greta: alicia, thank you. and now to two california women shot by police in the midst of this manhunt, officers firing on the women because their pickup truck is similar to the suspect's. turns out the women, one age 71, the other 47, were just delivering newspapers. police are obviously very much on the edge, knowing they're also the targets of the accused cop killer they're looking for. former washington, d.c. homicide detective ted williams is still with us. ted, you know, it's almost unheard of. i mean, police officers that they accidentally shot a 71-year-old woman and a 47-year-old woman because the panic is just so gripping out there, isn't it? >> it really is, greta. these are good men and women on the police department out there. all they want to do is to do their job for the citizens of that jurisdiction and go home at night. the sad commentary is all of a sudden there's a bull's eye, a target on them. so there's a heightened sense of
10:34 pm
alert. so as a result of that, unfortunate because they were looking for a blue pickup truck. sadly they wound in these two shootings. >> imagine, all they saw was a blue pickup truck in an area where they were apparently looking to watch for people who need to be protected. and they spotted two women delivering newspapers get the back of the car gets shot out just because it looks like the truck that -- or the car that this cop had been driving, former cop. >> yeah, yeah. and let's make it clear, this guy is a coward. he's not anything associated with police as far as i'm concerned. but having said that, i can understand these police officers. look, they didn't purposely want to harm any people -- >> it shows the level of fear, panic, everything else, that's gripping this community, the fact this would happen. it shows just how -- we're 3,000 miles away. so we don't quite feel the panic that this community does, the
10:35 pm
police do. >> you're absolutely right. these law enforcement officers have read the manifesto that talks about how he wants to target them. not only them, but their relatives, too. this puts them in a different kind of sense of alert. as a result of this, they unfortunately had these two shootings. i don't think they want this. they're trying their best to get this man and get him as fast and expeditiously as they can. >> greta: the two women are alive, who were accidentally shot. one more seriously than the other. apparently one was released. they'll both live. the police know that when they do catch up with this guy, if he isn't dead by now, having committed suicide, they know that he's going to try to shoot his way out. he's going to try to kill them. >> greta, no doubt about it. one of my concerns is the guy is not dead, probably alive, watching a show like ours. probably has his head in a hole watching the show. he's a coward. he ambushed people.
10:36 pm
he killed people. i hope they get him soon. i think they will, greta. >> if he is watching, it would be wise to do the decent thing and surrender himself. >> he doesn't have to kind of decentsy. i think he'll go out suicide by cop. >> greta: thank you, ted. coming up, a blizzard that's clobbering the northeast. 50 million people are in its path. 50 million. it's amazing. we'll take you live to the hardest-hit areas straight ahead. in two minutes president obama is getting ready to give his state of the union speech. what do you think about the state of our union right now? are you thinking what a lot of other americans are thinking? you're about to find out. that's two minutes away. the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ]
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>> greta: in four days president obama will deliver his state of the union address. what do the americans think about the state of the union? the outlook of most americans is grim. when it's comes to the economy, more than half, 52%, think the worst is yet to come.
10:39 pm
only 40% say the worst is over. and listen to this. a 58% majority thinks the federal government has become too powerful and is restricting american freedoms. only 38% say they are comfortable with the government's role right now. and it gets worse. wait until you see these numbers. when asked about the current power of the united states, 48% said the country is weaker, less powerful, it was five years ago. now that is twice as many as the 24% who see the country as stronger and more powerful. what do you think? is the country weaker today it was five years ago? this is your chance. go-to and tell us.
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and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] >> greta: this is a fox extreme weather alert. right now a record-breaking blizzard is pummeling the northeast. the massive storm threatening to dump a record amount of snow on several states. an update forecast in minutes,
10:42 pm
but first fox news correspondent molly line in boston. molly, has it gotten any better? >> no, not at all! these are still whiteout conditions. that's why the governor is asking people to stay off the roads. that's why the mayor here in boston is asking people to stay inside. they want to ensure that the first responders can get from place to place, to the places they need to be, without responding to a lot of accidents and that sort of thing. these are the types of conditions that would certainly cause accidents. brutal winds, deep snow, snow that continues to pile up. i was standing on ground earlier today. now i'm standing on 6 to 10 inches of snow depending on where i put my feet. so it's been brutal. all throughout the night, we're expecting to get possibly another 12 inches to another 16 inches across this area. an astounding amount of snow coming down. that's why this could be a historical storm. they're also calling in the national guard to help out in the situation. there have been over 40,000 people that have lost power. right now we're at about high tide. so there's some concerns about flooding. at 10:00 this evening, at 10:00
10:43 pm
tomorrow, that's when they're watching the low-lying areas that can flood from the ocean waters. so there's a lot going on out there. authorities and firefighters and first responders are worried about it. they won't be able to assess the situation until tomorrow. that's when the utility crews will be able to get out, start working and turn power back on. we still have a long night ahead and more power outages predicted to come. greta? >> greta: molly, thank you. of course the emphasis by the governor is to stay off the road. they don't need more people on the roads in massachusetts. if you're watching, if you still have power, stay off the roads. good luck to all those people up there. molly, thank you. we'll go back to the fox extreme weather center for an update on the storm's wicked path in just a few minutes, but now to a building controversy, drone gate. a growing number of lawmakers demanding answers about the constitutionality of the president's power to use drones to kill americans overseas. republican senator chuck grassley and democrat patrick
10:44 pm
leally teaming up to write a letter to president obama. senator grassley, nice to see you. >> always nice to be with you, greta. you have a nice program. you're always nice to get along with. >> tell my husband you said that. >> okay. >> greta: now to the letter. you and senator leahy wrote a letter to president obama asking for what? > we're asking for exactly the same information that he released yesterday to the committee on intelligence of the united states senate, and i presume the house of representatives, which is the legal documents and memos from the office of legal counsel of the department of justice for
10:45 pm
the president to decide whether it's okay to use drones to kill american citizens. >> you wrote him in 2011. he ignored you then. what makes you think you'll get the answer now? >> senator leahy also wrote a separate letter in the fall of 2011. and then we finally get the attention of the president when nine of us, including leahy and this senator, signed a letter, members of the intelligence committee, and other senators for the same information. >> greta: two questions. one is, if this is part of your oversight responsibility, and they haven't answered you before, bipartisan letters, do you think the president is dodging you on oversight? that's the first question. the second question is, do you have some problems with the -- do you question the constitutionality of an american drone program targeting americans on foreign soil based on suspicion of association with al-qaeda? do you think that goes beyond the constitutional powers of the
10:46 pm
president? >> well, in the first question, we have a constitutional right to have it as a matter of oversight. yes. on the second question, i guess i do have some questions about the constitutionality of the president's authority, but i'm not going to make that final determination until i read the memos and the papers that come from the office of legal counsel, the department of justice. >> greta: but senator, if it's not going to be forthcoming, it's information f you've previously requested it, in the fall of 2011, and if senator leahy, a democrat has previously requested it in the fall of 2011, and i suspect you never even got -- did you ever get a reply letter, a response to your letters? >> we got the same information in a private briefing that came out in the -- in the release that -- that was called a white paper that came out on monday or tuesday, which isn't -- isn't the information we want. that just kind of tells about
10:47 pm
how it works out, and some idea of why the president has a constitutional authority to do, this but it's got nothing to do with the legal arguments and the legal basis that the office of legal counsel uses and the department of justice to say that the president could go ahead and determine what american citizens to kill or not to kill. >> greta: all right. one quick last question. do you suspect they've been dodging the oversight, that they haven't been forthcoming with information they should have given to you? >> yes. let me give you a little longer answer to that. the answer is yes. the answer is the only reason they've done it so far is because of the nomination of the cia director. and secondly, we have had like information in the past. in other words, if the president is using as an excuse not to give us this information because it violates national security and might harm national
10:48 pm
security, they never had any problem in releasing this information to those of us in the congress of why there was a justification for interrogation of noncombatants in the bush administration. they were willing to release it at that time to embarrass the bush administration, but for sure they don't want to release anything that might embarrass the obama administration. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. let us know if you get a reply to yours and senator leahy's letter. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: and straight ahead, an accused cop killer leaving behind a chilling manifesto. what does he have to say to tim tebow, first lead michelle obama, and former secretary of state hillary clinton in that manifesto? that's next. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers
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10:52 pm
>> greta: a murder rampage spelled out in a about chilling manifesto. we take a look at the words of christen dorner. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. >> a manhunt for one of their own. >> he was also a member of the armed forces. >> trained to kill. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> in a manifesto targeting l.a.'s finest. >> if you read this manifesto, lapd is a specific target.
10:53 pm
this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> it's addressed to america. subject? last resort. 14 pages and more than 11,000 words from a man consumed with anger and resentment, hell-bent on killing. dorner writes, this is my last resort. the lapd has suppressed the truth and it's now led to deadly consequences. your day has come. he continues, the level of violence will be high. i am the reason tack alert was established. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those on and off duty. >> it's scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> his main grievance? his firing in 2009. quote, self preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death as i died long ago.
10:54 pm
it's a culture he intends to change. quote, the culture of the lapd versus the community and honest good officers needs to and will change. i am here to correct and cat brought your moral compasses to true north. at times he implores the media to set the record straight. quote, journalists, i want you to investigate every location i resided in growing up, find any incidences where i was ever accused of being a bully. you won't, because it doesn't exist. ironically, it addresses gun control. quote, mia farrow said it best, gun control is no longer debatable. it's not a conversation. it's a moral mandate, but eventually it evolves into nothing more than absurd ramblings, name dropping celebrities, politicians and members of various news networks. he invokes tim tebow. quote, i really wanted to see you take charge of an offense again in the game. you're not a good qb by today's
10:55 pm
standards, but you are a great football player who knows how to lead a team and win. heaping praise on secretary clinton, quote, you'll make one hell of a president in 2016, much like your president bill you will be one of the greatest. and first lady michelle obama, off the record, i love your new bangs, mrs. obama. >> the manifesto i think speaks for itself in terms of the evidence of a depraved and abandoned mind and heart, and a cowardly way he ambushed your public servants. >> and tonight, the author of these bizarre musings remains at the center of the largest manhunt in the lapd history. >> you're talking about a homicide suspect who has committed atrocious crimes, and if you want to give any attribution to his ramblings on the internet, go right ahead, but i do not. >> greta: coming up, the bankrupt of the snowstorm now slamming the northeast.
10:56 pm
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